Ernie and Theo dress for a special wedding

It was a beautiful early May evening. As late as it was, the birds were still happily chirruping. The light looked like it would never leave the sky.

For a change, Ernie was first to reach the lamp post. His best mate Theo was a bit later than usual. He’d had a good snooze after his trip to the beach. He finally cantered around the corner sporting a very smart new “Union Jack” bandana fluttering in the breeze.

Whilst waiting for his best friend, Ernie had got distracted by a troop of ants. His nose was on the ground following them on their march towards a nearby field. When Ernie saw Theo he stopped watching:

“Yeo Theo,” Ernie said “did you have a good time at the beach? Visiting the beach is my very favourite thing after eating treats.”

“Yes, I had a great time thanks Ernie,“ Theo replied “it was very warm and a lot of our mates were there so we all had a good run”.

Once he’d forgotten about the ants, Ernie noticed Theo’s new bandana.

“I like your new bandana Theo, where did you get that from?” Ernie said, sniffing Theo’s new acquisition.

“Well where do you think I got it from Ernie?” Theo sighed “Have you not been on our website this week?  As well as lots of pet accessories, have 2 different types of Union Jack bandanas. Don’t tell me…you have been too busy” Theo sighed.

As the weather had warmed up, Ernie had been out helping with the gardening. Aerating the lawn by digging a few holes in it was far more important than looking at websites.

He was still fascinated by Theo’s new bandana though:

“It looks like something you see people waving at football matches and events like that Theo”

“Yes, that’s because it is a Union Jack bandana Ernie”, Theo was used to explaining lots of things to his little mate. He anticipated the next question, “I am wearing it for the Royal Wedding”.

“Oooh, that sounds very grand” Ernie cried. Theo had pricked his curiosity, “Are you going to this wedding then Theo? What’ll it be like”?

Theo couldn’t help himself, he blurted out laughing. He then explained what the wedding was about and what it would be like:

“No Ernie, I won’t be going, I haven’t been invited! A prince is marrying his princess; it will be a very grand affair. There’ll be lots of people there all dressed in their best. It’ll be that busy, even the Royal Family’s dogs won’t be going.

There’ll be thousands of people in the streets in Windsor. They’ll wave their Union Jack flags, cheer and sing as the prince and his bride pass by. The happy couple, Harry and Meghan, will smile too and wave back to the happy crowd. They might even go to say hello to some folk and thank them for coming out to wish them well in their new life together.

After the wedding the bride and groom will have a party for all their guests in a castle. There’ll be lots of singing, dancing, drinking and eating.

People across the land who don’t go to the wedding will have their own street parties to celebrate the occasion.”

This was an awful lot of information for Ernie to take in. Theo waited, hoping a feather would flutter by and grab Ernie’s attention. It wasn’t to be and the silence soon broke. He started speaking quicker than he can run: 

“I’d better get on our pet accessories website and find a bandana like yours then Theo. Maybe I’ll get a bow tie instead. We’d better find out who is going so we can send them all bandanas and bow ties too.

Shall we send the prince and princess a treat jar each? They’ll be very hungry after waving and talking to all the people in the streets, won’t they?  

And well, we’ll have to get our mates together and go to one of these street parties. If it’s a nice day, we can take our blankets along and do a bit of sunbathing. Just imagine how many treats we’ll get!!”

Theo chuckled as Ernie chattered away. He knew that Ernie would have forgotten all about the Royal Wedding in five minutes’ time. Sure enough, a cute little puppy came bouncing over with his owner to say hello. Ernie and Theo went over to greet them in their usual way. The Prince and his bride could wait another day.       


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