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Ernie Joins the Cheshire Set

“Theo, who is Alexa?” Ernie asked, completely out of the blue.

“Why do you ask that?” Theo asked in a puzzled voice.

“Well, whilst we were watching the display...

Ernie, Theo, and Cats Amongst the Pigeons

It was supposed to be the start of Summer. Ernie and Theo were sheltering under a large oak tree’s new green coat from a sharp shower...

Ernie and Theo Take Back Control

However, the meeting got off to a bad start. Ernie arrived an hour late. When Theo asked why, Ernie mumbled unconvincingly about having his ear chewed off by his brother Erik...

Ernie & Theo Are on Holiday

PLEASE NOTE: Ernie & Theo will be having a break for 2 weeks. any orders placed between 5th August 2019 and 21st August 2019 will be processed and dispatched after 21st August 2019.