Welcome to Ernie and Theo – the home of unique handmade pet gifts! 

Our range of hand made gifts is designed to be as special as the pooches who wear and use them  

We’re a small team devoted to giving our very best to our customers and their furry best friends.  

Ali Curphey is our engine room. She designs all our products. She makes most of them too!  

Ernie spends a lot of his time modelling Ali’s creations and on quality control. He also gets out a lot to meet and listen to our lovely customers and their pooches. 

Theo keeps a close eye on the books and making sure we never run out of the beautiful fabrics we use to make our gifts.  

As Theo’s nearing his pension, he’s assisted by Ali’s partner Paul, who also blogs Ernie and Theo’s regular chats beneath their favourite lamp post (in between developing complicated spreadsheets). 

We are all totally devoted to delighting our customers. Everything in our range can be tweaked to your own special requirements and personalised for your pooch. 

We hope you enjoy our website and would love to hear from you!