Who Are We?

Although “Ernie and Theo” is named after two dogs they don’t run the show – well, at least that’s our story! They’re just our models and who get all the smiles and attention and provide us with inspiration. If you want to know the story behind what we do then read on!

The company is the brainchild of Ali Curphey and Mel Fitton. They met about a decade ago when they worked for a local council. Mel takes up the story:

“We became really good friends and found we shared a love of handmade crafts. We both loved making things. We also got quite inspired by the artisan markets we visited. By 2017, we thought ‘we could have a go at this’. So, we took the plunge.

It was soon ‘sewing machines at dawn’. It had to be as we were both still doing our day jobs!"

Mel and Ali started to make products they thought people would like and did a few local craft markets. “Ernie and Theo” was born.

Ali explains how things have been going since then:

“We really enjoy doing the craft markets. Lots of people stop by for a browse and to buy things. It didn’t take long to see that our pet gifts and accessories were the big sellers. It’s fun watching the pets trying our stuff on!

Our customers asked if we had an Instagram page – so we set one up, instagram@ernieandtheo. It’s full of fun facts and photos showing many of our happy customers and is a way of sharing our latest products with our followers. It’s really helped us to reach customers around the world. They also asked if we had a website so here we are. We’re hoping it will help us reach even more pet lovers out there”.

We hope you enjoy our site and find something you like. We want to make it a fun meeting place for pet lovers. So, if you have a good story about your pet or photos you’d like to share send them in and we’ll do our best to post them.

We’d also love to hear your ideas for new products or to improve our site!

Thanks for visiting and keep calling by to see what’s new!


My name is Ernie and I am a Cavapoochon.  My Mum was a Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Bichon Frise cross)  and my Dad was a Poodle.  After much research about getting a puppy, my humans visited a breeder in Lancashire called Rosedale Doodles and I chose them as my forever family!!

I am now 2 years old and I am always very busy, apart from when I am asleep.  I adore and charm everyone I meet.  

I love:

  • My Blanket
  • When I get a sleepover on my humans' bed
  • Face-timing my big Bro in Singapore
  • A sleep over at my big Sis'
  • Theo - I get VERY excited when I see him
  • Shredding loo rolls and tissues
  • The beach (but not swimming)
  • Showing everyone my favourite bone
  • Chasing squirrels and birds
  • Neck scratches
  • Cuddles
  • 'Stick dancing' on walks 

I dont like:

  • The rain (yes, I know, I live in Manchester but I still hate the rain)
  • The hoover
  • Loud Bangs
  • Walking in the dark
  • Anything that moves suddenly 



My name is Theo and I am a rescue dog.  I was adopted from Manchester Dogs' Home in 2013.  I was underweight and needed encouragement to eat.  I was nervous of new people and found it difficult to socialise with other dogs.  Because I am a rescue dog I am unsure of my age, my humans think I am about 8 years old but on a good day I feel much younger.

I quickly settled into my forever home with my new family and they have helped me to feel more confident with dogs and humans.

My best mate is Ernie, Obviously!

I love:

  • My Home
  • Routine
  • My Family
  • Watching birds in the garden
  • Sticks
  • Tennis balls
  • Long walks
  • Cuddles


    I don't like:

    • Being away from my family
    • Noisy Traffic
    • Change in routine
    • Mobile phone ring tones
    • Visiting the vets