Ernie and Theo reflect on the UK finally fretching Brexit. Ernie learns he's not the little Englander he thought he was and the boys commemorate leaving with a feast of Swedish meatballs

Theo has exciting plans and helps Ernie find peace

Ernie and Theo look forward to an exciting 2020 and Theo helps Ernie to get peace from his human's new noisy Henry Hoover

Ernie and Theo employ a little help....(er)

Theo employs a Xmas temp. It doesn't work out as he'd originally hoped but Ernie comes to the rescue.

Theo cheers up Ernie but sacrifices his principles

Theo helps Ernie hatch a plan to cheer up one of Ernie’s favourite humans but compromises his principles along the way!


Ernie and Theo are all Ears

Ernie and Theo are "all ears" about each other's Summer adventures...and look forward to a busy Autumn...

Ernie Joins the Cheshire Set

“Theo, who is Alexa?” Ernie asked, completely out of the blue.

“Why do you ask that?” Theo asked in a puzzled voice.

“Well, whilst we were watching the display...

Ernie, Theo, and Cats Amongst the Pigeons

It was supposed to be the start of Summer. Ernie and Theo were sheltering under a large oak tree’s new green coat from a sharp shower...

Ernie and Theo Take Back Control

However, the meeting got off to a bad start. Ernie arrived an hour late. When Theo asked why, Ernie mumbled unconvincingly about having his ear chewed off by his brother Erik...

Ernie and Theo's Exciting News

Ernie decided against telling Theo he couldn’t find this door with their names over although he’d hunted high and low for it...

Ernie, Theo and the Dragons'...... Den?

“No, no, no, for once you are wrong,” Ernie said holding his ground. “I know because I was in the Dragon’s Den on Sunday. I’ll take you there.”...

Theo Ponders 'Brexit and Ernie Tries to Catch-it'

“Well, it is because Brexit is about our country’s humans trying to fetch something – but it isn’t because they can’t agree on exactly what ‘it’ is they want to fetch...

Ernie and Theo's Little Lists

Ernie wasn’t used to this. He usually asked all the questions, not Theo. And, of course, he always found it harder to answer Theo’s questions than Theo did to answer his...