Ernie gets wrapped in fame and one of Theo's new coats

Theo launches a new line in clothing  to Ernie and Theo's range and Ernie employs an agent to negotiate his modelling fees.

Ernie and his friends “feel good” at Juno’s birthday party

Ernie tells Theo all about Juno's first birthday party at the 'Feel Good Club" and Theo explains "Ernie and Theo's" new plans for Christmas.

Ernie and Theo on the move

Ernie tells Theo all about the move to their new headquarters.


The two friends go on holiday to Northumbria and Theo gives Ernie a vrey important job to do when they get home.

Ernie and his blue drying robe make a big splash

Ernie and Theo meet up for the first time since lock down. Ernie tells his friend about how he and his new drying robe made a splash after he fell into a lake chasing ducks when they did Cheadle's Makers' Market..

Ernie and Theo plan for the new normal

Ernie thinks "outside the box" to help Ernie and Theo get ready for the end of the lock down

Ernie and Theo do zoom…ies??!!

In a locked down world, unable to meet under their favourite lamp post, Ernie and Theo FaceTime each other to discuss Coronavirus, revised business plans, drying robes, zoom(ies) and furlough schemes.

Bad weather patterns, soggy bottoms and Ernie in the pink

Ernie and Theo discuss the rainy weather, soggy bottoms and agree their new Spring Collection is just the answer!

The day we fetched Brexit

Ernie and Theo reflect on the UK finally fretching Brexit. Ernie learns he's not the little Englander he thought he was and the boys commemorate leaving with a feast of Swedish meatballs

Theo explains his plans for 2020 and helps Ernie find peace

Ernie and Theo look forward to an exciting 2020 and Theo helps Ernie to get peace from his human's new noisy Henry Hoover

Ernie and Theo employ a little Christmas help....(er)

Theo employs a Xmas temp. It doesn't work out as he'd originally hoped but Ernie comes to the rescue.

Theo cheers up Ernie but compromises his principles

Theo helps Ernie hatch a plan to cheer up one of Ernie’s favourite humans but compromises his principles along the way!