Ernie and Theo plan to dig...for victory

Ernie sat patiently waiting for Theo at their favourite lamp post. He was very keen to see his best mate. Theo knew everything. So, Ernie knew Theo would be able to tell him why his human had been so busy making bandanas, bow ties, treat jars and all the other pet accessories on the website. Theo trotted around the corner and had hardly sat down when Ernie started asking questions.

“Theo, do you know why my human has been so busy this week?” Ernie asked. “She has not been off the sewing machine and I can’t move for all the material and stuff lying around.”

Without asking, Theo knew his little mate had not been on their website to find out about their next fairs and shows.

“Ernie and Theo’s are at the Rawtenstall Clog Market and Great Harwood Show this weekend,” Theo replied with a sigh “so our humans have been very busy getting things ready. Our house is full of dogs’ bottoms!”

Ernie started thinking of sniffing all those dogs’ bottoms. It didn’t take much to distract him. 

“We have done the Clog Market a couple of times now. That is where we met Millie and Ruby Dog Bakery. They make the dog treats you like,” Theo explained. Ernie suddenly forgot the dogs’ bottoms and remembered the treats. His tail started wagging as Theo went on:   

“This Clog Market is a special one this time. It is called ‘Dig for Victory’.”

As soon as Theo said “dig for victory” Theo had Ernie’s full attention. After sleeping and eating treats, digging was Ernie’s favourite pastime. He liked digging cushions, blankets, chairs, lawns, sand – in fact, pretty much anything. He’d never dug for victory though. In fact, he didn’t know what “victory” was so he asked his wise friend to explain.

“Well, victory isn’t a thing like a bone or a lawn,” Theo explained, “It is another word for winning something. In this case, the Clog Market is remembering that we won a war a long time ago. There’ll be lots of people there and apparently there is going to be a Spitfire fly-over.”

“Oh, that will be fun,” Ernie replied. He didn’t really know what a war was. He could ask Theo to explain it to him but didn’t. It was good enough for Ernie to know lots of people would be there. He’d be able to say “hello” to them all. He might even get a treat or two. He decided he’d wear one of his summer bandanas so everyone would notice him.

“Have we done the Great Harwood Show before Theo?” Ernie asked.

“No, we haven’t Ernie,” Theo replied. “I’ve been on their website though. There’s going to be lots to see and do. Lancashire’s police dog unit are going. There will be acrobatics shows and Lurcher racing.”

Ernie had to ask Theo what lurcher racing was. Theo explained it involved lurchers racing after a mechanical bird – and that lurchers were dogs a bit like whippets. Ernie suddenly remembered that if there was one thing he liked better than digging it was chasing birds. He was getting very excited and restless. He couldn’t help asking Theo one more question:

“Theo, will we be able to do the lurcher racing,” he said excitedly. “That sounds like heaven to me.”

“Yes, Ernie, we are in luck. There will be a race which any type of dog can enter so we’ll be able to have a go,” Theo explained.

By this point, Ernie was almost beside himself. Maybe this would be the opening to a new career since Theo had told him it he probably wouldn’t make it as a sheep dog. Just imagine spending all day running after birds. He wanted to ask Theo if lurchers got lots of treats but decided he’d asked his mate enough questions for one evening.

“Well, Theo we’d best be getting off home” he said. “We are going to need lots of rest if we are going to do the race. I think we should do some training too. Shall we meet here in the morning to do some? We’ll get our humans to throw sticks for us to chase!”


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